The Art of Writing Cards

Recently I was reunited with one of my high school besties. It’s been 16 years since we had last seen each other, we had stayed in touch through Facebook and Instagram but let’s face it, social media really is the Claytons friendship…you know? The relationship you’re having when your not really having a relationship.

Now, I’m well versed in the communication style of the new millennium but I’m more of an ol’ fashion kinda gal. The one that likes to have conversations of over a glass of red and a fabulous double Brie cheese. I like to see people, hear their voices, celebrate their joy and wipe away their tears.

We had dinner together one night and a few days later we arranged to have breakfast together so I could introduce my darling husband. A few days later I received the most wonderful surprise in my mailbox. Not one, but two handwritten cards from my very dear friend. Both penned with heartfelt sincerity, the very essence of who she is.

Ahhh, the art of writing cards (insert sigh here). When did we stop writing cards and more importantly, why did we stop writing cards? Think back to the last time you received a card in the mail, just ‘cause. Not for Valentines Day or your birthday, that doesn’t count. People who love you are obliged to buy you a birthday card and if they don’t, I suggest you reconsider your friendship!! I mean like a note to say thank you or I’m thinking of you. Didn’t it feel nice to open the letterbox and see a handwritten envelope, addressed to you? One that wasn’t a bill or an overdue library book reminder (I always return my books on time too by the way…just to be clear).

Naturally, I decided to do a little research and found a delightful article in Forbes Magazine by contributor, Nancy Olson who wrote, ‘Five Reasons To Write Thank You Notes’. In 800 words Nancy reminds us that we are fast approaching an era where we are losing the good manners our mamma taught us replacing them with emoji filled text messages as a way to say how GR8 U R LOL :).

Thank you notes should express our gratitude, recapture the smile, the handshake or the hug we would give the other person if we were standing in front of them. It’s the hand written note that sets you apart from others, and creates a space for you to convey your thoughts and feelings to another without the barrier of mechanical equipment to cause you distraction. You know writing cards is staging a comeback when even the celebrities are in on it with comedian and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon even penning his personal thanks to guests who feature on his show. This is not a one way street either my friends. As the author, you stand to benefit from taking time out to communicate ye olde fashion way, you see, gratitude is just plain good for your brain. #takecareofyourbrain.

To those out there that continue to write cards I say thank you, your persistence and die hard commitment to etiquette and good manners is honourable. You are members of a small, but distinguished group of people of which I would like to become a member.

K x

Michelle, this one is for you. You inspire me everyday to be as wonderful as you are.

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