How Things Change…

A funny thing happened, I was on my way to my computer to write my post (August, 2014) and I got distracted, for three years to be exact. How time flies and a lot has happen over this time. Let’s see, I moved house, I changed jobs, I started, and finished an executive MBA and took a sabbatical to attend a leadership program at Harvard.

Three years doesn’t sound like a long time and I guess in the grand scheme of a lifetime, it isn’t a long time but I know how much I have grown, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. I would add physically too but I don’t want to remind myself of how endless hours sitting in front of a computer have made certain parts of my anatomy grow too!

To bring you up to speed, I started my blog in 2014; it was called ‘Millin’ Round’. The name was a play on words based on my surname and the blog was a relaxed chat about my life and the people in it. Fast forward three years and I changing direction with my writing a little. I want to use this platform to talk about the things I have learned, seen, researched and experienced. I want to discuss the topics that important to bring out into the public arena and start to shift the way we see the world. Sure there will still be fun posts and my normal conversational style but I am interested to see if a single voice can change a community or perhaps even a nation.

I have re named my site ‘She Writes’ and in the process of rebranding, I have managed to lose most of my old blogs. All bar one, ‘The Blue Conundrum’ that I have reposted for old times’ sake. For those that follow me already, thank you. For those that are new to my blog welcome, I hope you enjoy my posts.

3 Replies to “How Things Change…”

  1. Observing from afar, it has been a challenging journey thus far, but one which I believe has been both rewarding for you and those who are near. Congratulations.

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