The Blue Conundrum

I thought I would share one of my old posts from June 2014.  It is the only one I have been able to save from my previous blog.. Enjoy!

Today my darling daughter Taylor, who is on vacation in Queensland for two weeks text me a photo of her newly blued hair…yep, I did say blue. Let us rewind for just a moment, start at the beginning and bring you up to speed.   Four weeks ago, Taylor had a beautiful head of long black locks that was, before she toddled off to the hairstylist returning with hair cut into a razor cut bob, two inches below her ears. What was once very dark brown hair is now balayage (lightened on the ends for those of us who are challenged in the vocabulary of all things hair and beauty). One week later, she decides to go just a little shorter at the back and just a bit lighter again. It is at this moment that I realise that she has a plan, unbeknown to us!

Whilst my husband, Bruce and I really love the new look and as open-minded parents encourage both our daughters to explore different things, the sudden loss of a foot of hair (that is 30cm in nowadays measurements) in a matter of hours was for me, shocking to say the least. Of course, I too have long brown hair but mine is a little more reluctant to grow more that about 2 centimetres every 18 months so you can understand my grief when I saw her newly shaped locks.

I once attended a motivational seminar where the guest speaker pitched a phrase at us that has stuck with me and one that I have applied to my business dealings ever since, it goes like this, “It’s better to be better than it is to be different.”

There you go, think about that statement for a minute. In business, being better allows our clients to measure us against our completion, compare apples with apples for the want of a better explanation. If you were an orange, well I just wouldn’t be able to work out which was better now would I? Which leads me to where I sit here right now thinking about Taylor and all her ‘blueness’. Can we apply the same thinking to an individual and if so is the ‘better’, simply a better version of herself?

Taylor turns 19 tomorrow, (happy birthday honey if you are reading this) I loved Taylor version 18.12 but the new version 19.00 is cool and certainly very different.

So this my conundrum; Can we apply our business ethos’ to people? Can we shape our thinking so that the two can become one? I think through purging my thoughts, arrived at this Synopsis. I think Taylor V19.1 is a more mature and evolved version of herself and is looking to be just a little different from everyone else. She is seeking out a place in the world, her place in the world, who she is and where she fits and if in the mean time she can shock the hell out of those closest to her……..even better.

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